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Thanks for saying hello, you fascist enemy of the people!!

The references to political conflicts are giving me sweet recollections of my multifaceted and most of all totally crazy childhood.

I sort of incorporated the cold war into my fantasy life. I have a memoir-like essay of my gang of fellow seven year olds who felt that we had to root out communists where we lived, in Brooklyn New York, and my later skepticism of things like the alt right. I also wrote an ode To Eugene Mc Carthy, who was perhaps the first man in American politics to blaze brilliantly against the Vietnam war, which, in its wierd and sinister metaphors, apprises the conflict as if one were tripping on LSD.

Sorry if I sound like a pretentious son of a bitch. Most of my time is spent with petite bourgeois philistines so when I meet a site where bright people gather, I become very self-conscious and neurotic about my presentation -- and that makes my writing cumbersome and ungainly.

Since I am reminded of my childhood political wars, I will have to ask the guy who just wrote me just what my cousin used to ask me when I was seven:

How many tanks do you have in your army

How many planes do you have in your army

(You say you don't have any weapons)

And then I scream, "You lie, you lie, you lie."
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