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Kerouac isn't a very good example. A lot of what he wrote was based on direct experience. Plus, he did cultivate the myth that he wrote "On the Road" in three weeks. There's lots of evidence that he wrote several drafts and rewrites over a period of time.

But it's not important. Because lots of writers work without a plan. I've done it myself and I know published authors who have done it too.

To say you can't write without a plan, based on nothing but your own inability to do so, is like someone telling John Coltrane, I know you SAY you improvise, but you CAN'T possibly be making that up as you go along...

But here's the thing. It doesn't matter. Writers with any kind of talent or ability will recognize bullshit advice when they see it. Especially if they consider the source and the rational. So no harm done.
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