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Default To Binx re To Plan or not to Plan?

Hi Binx.

You suggested that those with writing talent donít have to prethink a story with a plan. Iím not sure what you mean by Ďtalentí. In any case, hereís my take on how successful writers, who claim they never preplan, actually mentally plan their work. They just donít type it up.

Have you ever wondered where thoughts come from? I have. So I researched it. Hereís what I learned.

Human brains generates human minds. The conscious awareness of thinking receives thoughts from the subconscious. The subconscious is fascinating. There is where memory lives. There is also where skills learned, experiences, beliefs, etc. are stored. For ease of this discussion Iím going use Mind One (M1) for the conscious mind and Mind Two (M2) for the subconscious.

M1 is where we are aware of our thinking. Itís like sitting in the body witnessing what happens to us. Itís were sense of self develops. M1 is not aware of M2. M2 is full of information and memory of all experiences. All the information and experiences about genres, story elements (plot, character, dramatic tension, yada, yadaÖ) including the ability to plan and control complex stories resides

The more complex the story the more control is needed to avoid getting lost. If M2 has been trained and educated well it automatically sends thoughts relevant to the story. Including a plan on how to best tell the story. Without these thoughts the story wonít make sense.

When someone tells me they never plan their writing I assume they donít know where there thoughts come from. You imply thereís something called Ďtalentí involved. Thatís very mysterious. The next time you run into some Ďtalentí bottle it so you can prove it exists. Maybe by talent you mean all the experiences and learning, which leads to good storytelling. Prethinking (planning) is required by all storytellers if they want reader satisfaction. Without Prethinking the result is incoherence.

Wiki is a great resource for writers at all levels of ability. And the more knowledge a writer has about his mind the better off theyíll be in becoming a pro storyteller. Itís also a good place to learn about the elements of storytelling.

For the beginning writer they have to learn the craft of writing before they can generate the thoughts for successful storytelling. What Iím suggesting does not take away the surprises and joy when suddenly the writing takes off in a hot burst creativity. Prethinking does not kill creativity but enhances it. And actually typing out the Prethinking (plan) creates a record for future reference.

So, what thinks thee? wrc

You're not dead 'til you're dead and when you are you won't know it. So, keep on writing and having fun.
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