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Originally Posted by Super Mario View Post
TBH I am just writing whatever comes into my head. When I first started writing my novel I remember typing away furiously because stuff just kept coming into my head. I've got back to it a few years later which I never thought would happen. I lost motivation for a few weeks there but am back to it.

I don't know where my plot is going yet, I have a few ideas but haven't tied them together.
Howdy Mario.

Imagine yourself wanting to get to a location hundred of miles from where you are. If you don't get a map showing the ways to get there you may never get there and spend all your time meandering and lost.

If you want to create a finished story (short story or novel) you'll never succeed with out a plan because every time you try to write you'll be lost. Each writing session will be different of each other. If you don't have a plan you have no way to get to where ever you want to want to go.

Those writers who hate planning are just masterbating their language skills, which is okay, but won't won't result in a meaning full finished event. These writers are suffering from too much hubris if they think can create anything worth reading by whim. When reading non directional writing I always want to scream: "What's the point? Where's the story? Excellent language skills but it doesn't go anywhere!"

If you have a piece of directionless writing that triggers energy in you then use it was a jumping off place to tell a story. The best reading comes from writers who took the time to truly understand their story. And once you have a story planned you can then tell it.

Maybe you could expand your writing exercises with characters, plot, theme, etc., all the elements of good storytelling. At that point you have a map leading to where you want to go. Only then should you undertake the terrible commitment to actually write it.

Good luck. wrc

You're not dead 'til you're dead and when you are you won't know it. So, keep on writing and having fun.

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