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Yeah -- see, just that those comments would make my wife very uncomfortable -- but not in a judgmental way at all. She's pretty conservative about sex -- but you wouldn't think so because she's pretty much of a hippie and very liberal about most things. And she's not conservative about other people's sex lives either.

We were married at 23, and before that she had very little experience, and it was with someone in authority who really took advantage of her. It was a very bad experience -- so I pretty much had to get her over that. We were together almost 3 months before we had any kind of really intimate contact. On the other hand, my girlfriend for two years prior was a wild, wild woman -- so it was an adjustment for me. But I thought she was an amazing woman and I knew it would be worth it.

I can't even begin to imagine her breaking her usual stance. It would be very shocking. I suppose nothing is impossible -- and I'm guessing we've been together about 1/2 as long as you all -- so who knows.

First and foremost, we're best friends. Do I wish she'd just go crazy now and then -- yeah. But that's just her -- not very adventurous. Several years ago, we were staying with friends at their cabin which had one room. I convinced her to sneak out -- and we did the deed in the moonlight on out on the the dock -- and she's still talking about it.
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