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Originally Posted by Logos View Post
But all these tangents aside and getting to the real issue, I find it a little interesting that, 2 pages in now, and most of the responses have been criticisms against me personally or else assumptions as to my motives for posting. But few have addressed the actual content of the OP -- excepting the ones that responded to the "sexual" issues.

I would have expected an intelligent people to read and respond by either saying: "Number such-and-such is true." Then offer life experience to prove it. Or else: "Number such-and-such doesn't mirror my experience, because..."

But there's none of this. Why? I wonder.
Most proverbs and aphorisms and other pithy sayings that have stood the test of time are fairly simple truths -- usually concise and presented in some way that makes them clever and memorable -- clear metaphor, humor, word play etc. But once you get past the presentation, the sentiments are usually fairly cliche.

When they lack any kind of artistry -- and they're written in a stilted, overly formal manner in some attempt to give them gravitas -- then you're left with nothing but clumsy banalities -- at best. Never mind the heavy-handed moralizing.

So the idea that we're supposed to feel compelled to plow through these things and comment on any number of them individually or seriously consider them as any kind of wisdom is really funny to me.

No -- I think after a cursory review, intelligent people are going to dismiss the whole concept altogether as someone's exercise in self-importance.

You might take away something from the banter and all these comments -- if you make an attempt to get past your feelings and look at this objectively -- and that is that just maybe, your proverbs are kind of silly and maybe you should spend your time writing something else.

So sorry -- it looks to me like you've gotten plenty of valid feedback -- it just hasn't been obvious to you -- and it's not what you wanted to hear.

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