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(" welcome to writersbeat forum here..." softly voiced the goblin in a consolatory tone before he dipped his hand into his pocket to pull out writersbeat fidelity card, saying "...the card works rather like your shopping card does in that one does a post and depending upon what one has written some folks will read it as shown by the hitcount, and then another post by you perhaps gets more hits still, where after awhile they take note and you become noteworthy by it, still more of those hit generating posts and you accumulate a following, till finally you get such a following that they follow you from here to your book even, and then from that book to all your other books too...", where there must be thousand of books already out there by now, and where one's posts are one's ambassadors, smiling "...ah, but I dare say that you wouldn't trust me now if I invited you to elsewhere making you pay for your pains so to speak, meaning the book kind of starts from the posts instead, and the plot from those lines therein...", and with that the goblin held out the card for Shannon to take from him while hoping he was not being too forward by it, smiling "...tell me more, converse with me awhile as your presence shows committal on your part...", where commitment was ever a good thing as long as it didn't blind one those readers around one here)

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