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Icon6 Autumn word vault wbq35 – india

The ayah, sent to England to accompany young Jonathan to Bombay, pointed to an officer in fallal with his hands behind his back “That is your father.” Jonathan had not seen his father for years. Army assignments had kept him from home frequently. He knew him but not well. When Lt. Colonel Stonehurst had received his assignment to the Bombay Army he was aware that it would be for an indefinite period. However, Jonathan’s mother was not able to leave England due to poor health. Having always been a frail woman, she almost died giving birth to Jonathan. So, she remained at Stonehurst south of London. There was hope that she and Jonathan would be able to join him in Bombay. But that was not to be the case. She passed on some fourteen months after he left for India. He sent for Jonathan and avowed they would not be parted again.
During the passage from Southampton to Bombay, Jonathan had gotten to know Leena well. She had served Jonathan’s grandfather, Colonel Stonehurst’s, for over two decades. Leena had taken him to steerage to see the common Indians he would soon be living among. They had frugal accommodations but everyone seemed very happy. They sang, accompanied by a sitar, an arpeggione like instrument.
As he walked towards his father, he thought of the swallows that would nigulate in the cottage eves at Stonehurst. Now, he would have to build his own nest here in India.