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Default Where is it/ Fan Man Epitaph

Where is it that I begin and Bukowski ends?

If I write and read a piece- if I think it is good
enough to be in one of his books- is this imitation
or influence?

If I thought Firemen were cool and then I became
one- you see? Imitation or influence?

And I don't always need to pen up to Bluebird
Born Into This

The old boy put his share of cannon fodder to

Well this sort of musing can bog down the process
quite quickly and- in the end- is not the introspective posturing
I strive to put on the page.

And so I must finish this drivel.
Stand up and finish off some other crap
and take my achin' lower back (where is that
Tiger Balm- a sixty year old hack needs to know)
down the road to Sunday's Martial Art Class.

And as I struggle with guys (hey- maybe the
girl will be there today) close to half this body's age-
tryin' to keep from gettin' another black eye or
a broken nose (yeah- we play a little rough- the
kiddee class starts after we finish) I can find a
small security in the sureness that
even though I wouldn't have done any
more writing other than a required signature on
legal documents from time to time if I had not
seen a book titled Love is a Dog from Hell
the truth of the matter is none of the foregoing
resembles anything by Henry Chinaski.

See- originality is easy if you Don't Try.

Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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