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Default Ye gads! Barbarians at the Gate.

I'm new here and really appreciate this thread.

In my life, I've moderated many writer support groups. It can become intense at times. I actually had one group where two writers came to blows and I suspect that if this forum was conducted in person, there would be writers slugging it out. In one of my groups I had to pass out Rules and Regs on how to give feedback instead of my verbal presentation.

Developing Rhino Hide goes a long way to protect the feelings. But the more a writer puts in a piece, the Rhino Hide starts to fall off. I must say that those who run this forum do an amazing job in trying to keep events fair and honest.

My experiences has led me to believe that if 20 humans get together for a common cause, there will be one or two bullies.

One thing I did which was helpful was to stress that the work is not the writer. Otherwise, it's putting down the creator for the creation.

I remember saying in many groups "If you can't say something positive then shut the f,,k up!"

Joining this community has given me a place to belong and to all members I would say let's not s,,t in own backyard.

I hate bullies!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful writing day.

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