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Samuel's fascination with magick started when he was young. It was his parent’s fault, always telling him stories. As Sam grew he became more and more obsessed with the magick his parents taught him about It was a late August night and the moon had a certain allurement to it. Sam sat outside grasping the herbs he had just been given by his father.

"Eat this under the full moon and you will be changed," he had told Sam.

Sam needed a change, perhaps this would help. He took a deep breath and swallowed the herbs whole. The change was terrible agony for him and pain seized his body. When it was over he couldn't look at himself. His fur, claws, teeth, it was all different. Change, he thought, this isn't the change I was expecting. I can't be seen like this. Suddenly Sam thought of his parents. It's my father's fault, he snarled. Kill, I must kill.

"John! What was that!?" Maura cried, her hair standing on end.

Moments later a hideous figure appeared in the door. Maura and John didn’t need to ask, they knew it was their son. Your fault, he thought. It was over quickly. They never stood a chance. John and Maura Wolf, friends to all in the peaceful werewolf village, were shot dead. The gun in the hand of their son in human form.

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