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The Failure

Vasily was walking down Fifth Avenue in New York City, it had been a drizzly day, night was beginning, the streets were almost deserted.
He just learned that he failed all of his tests …all of them... he was a failure, as always.
At least he would always have money to live on; he reached into his big overcoat pocket, and felt the cold smooth metal of his Glock pistol.
Suddenly. He saw a brilliant blue light out of the corner of his eye, he looked around, saw nothing, and resumed his walking, becoming more depressed with every heavy step.
Again a vivid light, red, becoming green then blue, and so beautiful!
He looked all around, and then spotted the store window with the large diamond
He examined it with fascination; he had never seen anything like it before- it was as if all the stars of the universe were right here, in bright colours, it was the most spectacular thing he had ever seen in his life.
He stood there. staring at the diamond for a long time.
Then, slowly, with the fingers of his right hand, he touched his forehead, chest and shoulders, and kissed his hand.
Vasily took the Glock pistol out of his pocket, and slammed it into the store window.
Bright lights flashing, screaming sirens, he stood, holding the diamond with his back to the wall as he pointed the gun out in front of him, he would only have to wait seconds.