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Default Free Birds

He moved quietly through the beech trees, creeping closer to the circle of caravans in the clearing. Bonfire smoke drifted in the faint breeze and flickering flames lit the scene like disco lights. She was at the centre of the dancers, long black curls flying above pale shoulders, as her red sleeves slipped down her arms. She lifted the tambourine high, tapping and shaking in time with the other women as the men played their fiddles frenetically, each group urging the other faster. He edged closer, partly shielded by a holly bush. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, as the dance became impossibly fast, spinning, red skirt swirling about her bare legs. He was so mesmerised by her allurement he could think of nothing else, his client forgotten. He’d been sent to look for her but now she was found he couldn’t send her back to dreary normality, away from this freedom. He now understood why she had needed to escape. Her face was pure joy, totally alive and as he watched everyone else faded into the background. He drew closer, not caring now if he was seen. He entered the clearing, fascination pulling him forwards. Then he too was caught up in the music, spinning, spinning in her arms until they were spiralling skyward, floating in the smoke as one.