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Originally Posted by tahdas View Post
I don't want young adult books, i want good books. I want something that similar to the stuff i write.

Ive read a lot of Agatha Christe, so i dont want anymore of her stuff.

I don't like fantasy, game of thrones is an exception.
Terry Pratchett does fantasy for adults and YA - it is good but you can skip it.

Anne MacCaffrey's work is classed as Sci-Fi. She is not YA.

Have you read Agatha Christie's horror? It is different to her detectives and has fantasy/sci-fi elements.

What about Dr Who? Star Trek etc? They do some really good stories without any sexual content.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Wasp Factory by Iain M Banks.

Howls Moving Castle.
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