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Default FaceBook Add-on or App Idea...

Apologies if this already exists but...

FaceBook (or an app) should have a "groundwork" chart; this is the idea that when a person does a favour for someone else the favour should be either returned or paid forward. These can only be given to people who are confirmed friends on the site.

For example, a person, as a favour, helps another person move house, the person moving house might feel obliged to reward the person who helped them move with a slab of beer.

On the FaceBook page a person could add a few +1's to a friend who has helped them so then they know what they owe each friend, and conversely subtract some -1's from friends who they have gave favours to, but have yet to reciprocate or pay forward. This economy of groundwork would be good to have when a person does need to move house, they can check these tallies and make appropriate arrangements.

Secondarily to this Add-on would be a groundwork Add-on in a dating sense of the word, so a person has all these friends on Facebook they would like to bone... I mean "get to know better", so they might do a few favours and these favours may be worth a coffee, or a dinner, a night at the movies etc, but if this is not reciprocated, the FaceBook-Add-on will alert the person doing the groundwork that the person they are trying to date is not interested or leading them on.

Thirdly to this, would be the Sociopath-Add-On, people who are cunts to other people could be scored as cunts. So if a person gets a friend request they could check out the person asking and see if they are a massive cunt or not.

I'm sure there would be some ways to abuse the system, like stating a person is a cunt when they are not (but given that these are handed out by "friends" would make you wonder), or only giving a small +1 for a large favour, like building a house from scratch for free (but given that these are handed out by "friends" would make you wonder).

Anywho - any comments? Contributions?

And if Zuckerberg is reading this, which he no doubt is, let me know your thoughts?

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