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you got me thinking mr. flea. i was literally never so good as me. nor as good as my ever so amusing muse, pity.edit: she took a noble idea all the way to creative destruction and back. many times in many different ways she helped and hindered the cause.
"...gets better with the practice then..." ventured the goblin who wrote for no reason really, just it was his habit to him, adding "...naah, everything worries me today, where if my government would devalue the currency to erase its own debts there, and if that same government would now force me to hold my money in a bank instigating a cashless society while allowing that bank to charge those negative interest rates too, then surely I should not trust that government there any further with my finances...", the wind had picked up to a blackening ski as if breaking into rain any moment, somehow the goblin in the heat knew that he had wanted this happen though, yet now that it was happening he wasn't so happy about it neither, saying "...well I suppose something has to fall apart in order for something else to take its place then, where nobody worried about income tax when it first started because it was only 1% of one's salary, yet today see what it stands, likewise no one cares about negative interest rates within an increasingly cashless society because one can still hold cash outside the system, ah but for how long I ask and by what right do they both devalue it and take it from away from me...", and still the rain held off but its approach was unmistakable to those who knew those signs

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