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Originally Posted by Nick Pierce View Post
Each of these guys is making a million bucks per show.
And a cop makes ...
What the fuck is right about this pay structure?
And who has fostered, and enabled this ludicrous valuation of services? We, on our hampster (not xhampster -- that's an entirely different thing) wheels, paying far too much for goods we don't need, convinced of their necessity by the very advertising our pockets are fleeced to pay for.

Does it not seem absurd? That, in paying for an item, we must not only give over the cost of materials, labor, and profit, but we must also fork over enough to pay some yahoo millions of dollars to recite pure inanity on a show designed only to hold our attention long enough to be bombarded with demands that we buy more of that which we don't need, to pay for foolishness disguised as entertainment whose sole purpose is to provide a means to expose us to more attempts to separate us from money we shouldn't spend on things that we don't need...

Did I mention that these are things we don't even need? Yet we pay ludicrous prices for things of questionable value, while begrudging the man who steps into the void between us and the barbarians, and keeps this thin veneer of civilization hooked crookedly over our world, any more than enough to scratch by on...
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