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Very happy that Gabriel was recovering from the flu, Djafkri reminded that conflict and defiance build strength. But he knew how bad even a cold was so he knew it couldn't be easy and he hoped she was feeling tons better today.

Elsewhere in Grimlit
Along the shores of lake Sholg and still miles from the old city center...

A sudden explosion replaced the faint purr of the engines, confirming Brelg's worst suspicions. Sprays of water preceded the blare of the sirens as the patrol boat sped back towards the small village. Though their skiff was moored and equipped with an outboard engine, less than fifty vyentosk away, Chring and Brelg fled on foot. Even a Blackbird class cyborg was considered human enough to warrant detention and they were certain Dravilen-Mraezj had been advised. Observation towers and security cameras tracked their flight but could scarcely anticipate a shtrelvok. Persued by swiftly gliding djraveisp, as they circled a hidden receiver, their fragmented images dissolved.

Much like a coma, the dark void imprisoned their bodies. While desperate to communicate they could find no voice. With a sharp blast of an icy wind and flickering snowflakes, they reassembled near the outskirts of Skoflenz; a small city on Trelyon island in Zjrncheim. Unlike Chramrok, the northern hemisphere of the planet, known as Dvrokei, was near aphelion and cast in the dead of winter. Yet unlike the cyborg traitor, the snow covered landscape appeared very much alive.

Various official and emergency vehicles left bright swirls of snow, in their wake, as they raced to the point of arrival. Troops had earlier been deployed to set up and secure the perimeter when medics, clad in protective suits, escorted Chring and Brelg to one, of several, hastily erected tents. A checklist of medical tests were performed which, by sunset, led to yet another large tent and debriefing. Facilities that constructed the Blackbird class cyborgs remained elusive and, with Chring and Brelg's report, threat levels were high. Yet without the bold efforts of the tiger team and eventual elimination of the traitor, war was the most likely outcome; a far more ominous threat that still lurked in the shadows...

"Homelands only survive in their authors." the gatecrasher concluded, "Even conquest can't defeat a homeland until it invades that realm. Лучше смерть, чем бесчестие."

That said, he was also sad about the Ariana Grande concert. Not only the kids in Manchester but those in Syria too. But the content was a magnet for religious extremists. I mean, it's not like anything you'd hear in Dersu or Lancaster county and security was total fail.
It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. - Albus Dumbledore
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