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repost from elsewhere, a rally on a troll's forum

"...once you're in a rally then it's hard to get out..." replied the goblin try to avoid entering into rallies upon forums for that reason alone it seems, then adding "...yes, seeking the approval of other trolls is an odd goal for a troll isn't it, yet I agree that there are many here who show that mob like weakness as it were...", clearly xxxxx's last post had got the goblin into thinking now, no it wasn't one of those dumb one liners that one normally saw upon troll's forums, it was weighed, then the goblin restarted "...naah, I'm ever alone upon forumland, and certainly I'm not beholden to any forum per se, just I'm here to converse with those who have that faculty within them, but oddly someone's best posts are often like when they're more like talking to themselves really, for perhaps it's only then that they slow down to post that which was within them all along, where alas many here seem to talk much without saying anything really, maybe perhaps those who don't weigh the thoughts are those still at their troll stage of trolling then..."

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