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Originally Posted by JohnConstantine View Post
Meh -- I'm not totally sold on this brand of post modernism. I find myself nodding along to the critics of daycare and formula milk.

Since I was last here I had to go through family court over child access and wow... whole 'nother story that doesn't really fit into the patriarchy narrative.

But, when I lived with my ex partner I didn't want her to work or for them to be in daycare. I don't mean I would stop her from working if she really wanted to, but I was happy to argue for the benefits of staying at home. And the idea that this is outmoded, and that women feel ashamed, or somehow wasted being 'just a stay at home mum' really irritates me. I don't know if this is strictly a result of feminism, but any tract I would say which downgrades the raising of children in comparison to having a career (which no one actually likes doing btw, I think job satisfaction might be at 30 per cent) doesn't do anyone any favours.

The obvious truth is that it's the most important job on the planet. Going back to the OP we live a world of intergenerational child abuse and hand-me-down skullduggery. As a model, this engenders most of the undesirable behaviour within society, how many violent criminals, drug addicts and extremists had terrible childhoods?
I'm sorry to hear the problems you are having.

I agree with your sentiments that child raising should be given greater value, I.e. greater resources, and in fact if it did, women will (just because of how the world actually works rather than how people want the world to work) be valued more. Why doesn't it? Well it all comes back to the savage beast baboons central to a society screaming dumb shit, throwing crap, and beating up other baboons.

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