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Originally Posted by JohnConstantine View Post
Hey man -- we're totally post modern, post biology stay-at-home dads, professional mums, and daycare dependents over here! Screw you and your archaic notions conveniently disguised as 'made up' hypotheticals!

We just don't want to accept it -- the idea that for women sex is about resources and for men money is about sex sends people cray cray.

Female dependency on men for resources has diminished, due to increased earning potentials and the welfare state. There was a programme on Channel 4 recently called 'single mum club' and the general pronouncement was 'who needs men!?' We've been hearing that for quite some time now.

So, less people sticking with unhappy marriages/relationships. But perhaps less thought put into suitors. Having a baby with some unknown with no prospects isn't as catastrophic as it used to be; indeed in some places it's pretty much the norm.

So then you have a bunch of fatherless homes. And there are a bunch of nasty stats about kids from single parent households. But, is single-parentdom a cause of all these things (such as jail bound kids etc) or just another effect of other socio-economic factors?
Yeah but that whole "cray cray" feeling is because we do not want to be lowly beasts, we are supposed to be human, we are supposed of be models of God, and if our society can be modelled the same as hierarchical primate societies than would this reflect bad on humanity?

I agree that we should be "totally post modern, post biology stay-at-home dads, professional mums, and daycare dependents over here" and the hypothetical is naked without the different strategies the lowly beasts can use. For example, suppose a baboon was into caring, even though they were a male, the baboon could take a female "on safari" find a little nest away from the population and grow old with her.

But when we look at the population as a whole, we are probably distracted from these peripheral baboons by the dumb-ass males sitting in the middle of the society screaming and eating other baboon-folk, and the female baboons acting out the lyrics to a Meghan Trainor song (no offence to Meghan Trainor and I feel that Meghan is being somewhat ironic but cannot talk on her behalf). If the population as a whole is organised and structured by these central dumb-ass baboons it fits a hierarchical primate society.
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