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Originally Posted by PickleBottom View Post
Hey JC! You're back!
Yo! Yeah sort of... I don't really write anymore.

I don't really know what the battle of the sexes is about, it seems almost mystical. Y'know we say stuff like there aren't enough women in X profession. But I never see the stats for unsuccessful/successful applicants -- between genders, taking into account qualifications -- in these cases which seems to me to be the crucial indicator for any kind of discrimination. And then it gets more complicated still because then you'll say 'it's all men on the board'. But where do these men come from? Some tiny elite section of the population... so then it's not just women excluded from the top but... normal folk in general etc etc etc. And all the while the proposed solutions are all government based and for the expansion and intrusion of the state into every facet of society and I'm thinking... this sucks.

We don't treat the lack of male primary school teachers with the same amount of concern. Why? Because in the absence of the mystical matriarchy argument we just assume it's not really what blokes want to do...
I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.
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