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Originally Posted by Mohican View Post
I grant you your point, to a degree.

For your scenario to happen, and happen from within
1. The women have to realize that it's wrong, and that it's wrong to indoctrinate the
next generation of women, to the point of refusing to participating in the genital mutilations.
2. To effect change, the women will have to take a stand which could include them losing their lives.
3. At that point a man would have to love his wife enough to not punish her for not keeping the tradition, and then he might see the light and change.


The women can import some undamaged women from a neighboring tribe. Men, having sex with a fully intact, functional grown woman will think, "Hey, this is a lot better when they enjoy it,too"

The men at that point would slap themselves on the heads and say, 'for millennia we have turned our women into the equivalent of walking blow up dolls. What were the thinking?
I don't think love enters into many relationships there. And anyone who enjoys fucking goats and young boys, and thinks of women as cattle, is not likely to notice or care whether a woman is enjoying herself, and if he did, he would likely suspect it would lead to her wanting to enjoy herself more, without him, and reinforce the reasoning behind the practice in the first place.
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