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Fair point, I realize my offer might not be appealing to writers who are consistently making more than a measly $10 per 500 word article. But some writer can use this as a starting point though.

And another thing, what I meant to say was that I'll tell you which product to review, not actually send you the physical product. (That would leave me broke) I guess the offer may be even less attractive now to many.

The idea of ongoing revenue is rather interesting, kind of like how operates. If anyone is interested in a different payment arrangement then I'm open to suggestions. Example; $5 initially and then $10 six months later. Might make keeping track of payments a bit more complicated though.

Indeed, I do live in the USA.

Hey St. Dacker. If you're still interested despite my declaration that no one will actually be receiving the product then you may PM me your email address.
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