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(once more the land of nod had dumped the unprepared goblin back into his dailylife as he watched the old man wash shave and then dress before fueling up caffeine and turning up here to see what others had posted, then spotting sqoo with a smile overtaking his face and offering up his hand for her to hold, saying "...walk with me won't you, where yes it's best to be anonymous here if you want to explore that alter-ego of yours now, I mean what's the point of all this freedom here if you then go and cramp your style by introducing all those unprovable details that might not be you at all...", yet writertypes were apt to be their own worst enemies here since the reader wanted their fiction alone, and how that unprovable reality of theirs got in the way each time, smiling "...a post is not a post until it is a repost, where all you have to do my dear human, well if I may be so bold as to call you one now, is post in a cycle of air/edit/backup, where everything could hewed out in the repost of it...", the goblin paused, looked up a sqoo for a moment and then broke in another smile of his relating " online the author and the work are really two sides of the same coin really, moreover you're surrounded by all these readers too, and all you have do is dissolve the distinction there thus you become your own plot as it were, and from there one entices them towards your pen by your posts...",whereupon he turned his vision back to the path he was on as if pulling sqoo enthusiastically onwards, saying "...we're so few amongst the many amongst the millions out there, but whatever it is and wherever it goes it's all one journey to self while it lasts, but me in my moment I wrote for here now, naah I'm not some dead book to be read elsewhere...")

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