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My name is Kath. I have lived in Brighton [England] for nearly twenty years. I work part time in care which is OK but barely pays the bills and I also make garden sculptures with chainsaws which I hope will one day be my sole living, I sell them online but it doesn’t yet do as well as I would hope.

I live in a converted van that I park up next to a workshop that I share with two others, I have a studio in it. This is all unofficial so I have to sneak around a bit. I have lived in vans on and off for the last twenty years, keeps me off the radar and makes living so much cheaper. My latest is an LDV which I converted myself, it is lovely inside if I do say so myself!

I love music; music pretty much means everything to me, I think I can trace back meeting every friend to something music related. I DJ when I can but have no ambition to be a superstar, I just like sharing music and making people dance, I had a dance show on local radio in the early naughties which was fun while it lasted, that’s the closest I have ever come to sleb life. These days I play at occasionally at a club night a friend puts on, the odd festival and a few not too legal outdoor events. Right now I’m far too into glitch hop and ghetto funk but I am beginning to break out of that, there has been some great funky UK hip hop recently.

My other love is psychedelics. I am heavily involved in the research chemical scene and post as “Quirkafleeg” on a RC forum, Google Quirkafleeg if you want to know a couple of things I like (yes both of them were part of my youth). I want to find the next MDMA and I have a great little lab hidden away in my studio where I concoct and test some exotic chems although these days I’m more likely to buy them readymade from China over the net. Apart from that I smoke a fair bit of hash (which I much prefer to weed) and gulp down a hell of a lot of tea.

I have lived in quite a few places over the years including a couple of years in Spain, but Brighton is where I seem to have made my home, I’m not sure I would move from here now, too many very special people are here and my parents are only twenty miles up the road, they are getting on a bit so it's good to have them close but not too close if you see what I mean.

I was born in 1973, have long brown hair, a big smile, a cascade of flowers tattooed down my shoulders and back, I'm fairly average in height and pretty damn slim oh and anybody describing me would probably call me a hippy, bah!

As you can probably guess, I’m not that girly, pink dresses and frills are not for me. I’m good with a spanner, have used my fist on occasion to shut somebody up and will not be talked down to.

I am single and prefer it that way, my last boyfriend was 5 years ago and he was a complete knob. I don’t sleep around either, it's been about 9 months since I last had a shag.

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