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If you don't want to take the route of self-publishing, it would help to build up your publication credits.

Deal with your essays individually - submit to literary magazines, pertinent websites or mainstream press - whatever medium will present your work to your particular marketplace.

Your publishing credits elevate your status from an unknown - they endorse the commercial value of your work. Focus on getting individual pieces out there earning money and getting noticed. In the process, you'll understand who your readers are and where they wil look for you.

I know from your PM that my previous advice offended you (and for that, I'm genuinely sorry) yet I can only convey the same information as before. Publishers prefer some modicum of readership and market brand before you submit - either a successful blog you can point to - or a forum where your work and persona are well-received - or existing publications.

Use this site to your best advantage as a stage, editor and audience.

You need a small handful of select and proven work drawn out of the bulk of writing you have accumulated to get a publisher's attention. Use writing communities to discern what your best work is. Out of those several hundred pages of essays, a few might prove lucrative - others not at all. Keep streamlining until you're only spending time and attention on your best ambassadors.

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