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("...duplicate thread, just proving you're an attorney as you say..." smiled the goblin remembering how he had welcomed DoggedDavid with the expectation of reading something by someone talented, then adding "...really I shouldn't help you though, not if you don't put it out there first, I mean people come here both to exhibit their works, and to read the works of others too, and thereby to learn from the mistakes of others, whereas I wouldn't be helping humanity at large if I were only helping you alone in private now, simply it's not fair on those who put themselves out there to be corrected, nor does it offer readers upon turning up here anything to read really, which they evidently do if one notes the hitcount to the threads, moreover it doesn't teach anyone bar yourself anything, well even if my corrections were worth it I mean, which they probably aren't though...", either way the goblin felt that someone expecting payment later by publishing their work, should first give payment to those who proofread for them, sighing "...those here get my attention...")

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