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Default So Few Takers, So little time

First, I will have to concede that I ask a lot. I would love tips and advice on getting more of my stuff published.

So I must stress that I am ready, willing and extremely eager to help anyone who helps me.

The problem is very simple: I have a ton of stuff, but only a smattering of my stuff has been published. I write in many different genres.

A few of my essays have been published. One publisher, only one publisher (It was a magazine/newspaper), paid me.

I have several hundred pages of essays already written (521 pages semi finalized and 100 more or so that need work). They pertain to politics, sexuality, religion, draw connections between the natural sciences and philosophy, and encompass a bunch of other stuff as well.

I have hundreds of poems, one novel, memoir-like pieces, one play and other stuff that defies categorization, such as my "political recipes."

My writing has not been entirely ineffectual and unnoticed. I am an attorney and my legal briefs brought in the bacon.

I have so many questions about getting published. I am afraid that if I began to pose them the reader would groan with boredom or disgust.

If anyone wants to take a shot at my questions, please say so and I'll pose a question

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