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repost form elsewhere, the canadian troll's forum, the "do you think donald trump is mentallly ill" thread

(" I don't think he's mentally ill, where he is an american after all, so they're all like that..." replied the goblin cordially)
America covers a lot of territory amigo. You must mean the USA? Trump is not only mentally ill. He is an arrogant fool who believes he's a king. How can anyone not knowtice that he has become the laughing stock of the world, for good reasons. The fucker is in hot water, and fails to see or understand the writing on the wall. Do you see it?
"...well that all sounds very american to me, so perhaps it's a generalization on my part but at least I'm not trying to excuse the madness of those who live above the 54paralel by pointing out the even greater madness of those who live below it, after all I mean anyone who can call canada "a bastion of sanity" either hasn't lived there yet or has been eaten by a bear by now..." mentioned the goblin who often wondered if those who were mad could recognise the madness around them

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