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("...I turn my back and the thread is full of replies..." smiled the goblin returned from work now kicking himself for being empty handed, adding "...the notifications aren't working for me but here I am still...")

repost from elsewhere, the "racist bigot randomly starts a thread inside a troll's forum"

" like always perhaps, but you're trolls, so do please feel free to shoot either your leftist or rightist message clearly in the foot whenever the mood takes you now, for none will be any the wiser for all your words it seems, but you yourself might be wiser for having tried to grasp at it with your pen there instead of just cut/pasting someone else's stuff each time, or repeating someone else's view there..." suggested the goblin comfortingly enough he felt, then adding " I'd rather be thinking that you're wrong myself than not thinking anything much for not having first read it there from you...", the day too at this point seemed somehow balanced between getting hotter still or breaking out into a storm, the goblin just suspected it would choose eventually, adding "...state news seems so much spam that leaves no taste in the back of one's mind nor has much nutrition neither, whereas fake news is just more reactionary with provocative thoughts, even if at times it does contain those bones of bigotry that quite stick in one's throat, ah but that's just where one has to be careful how one eats, making sure one spits them out before swallowing those bones whole like so many do, naah you don't have to believe anything but you do have to question still..."

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