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repost from elsewhere, an idle chat on a troll's forum

"...yet no one is really real here anyway..." pointed out the goblin noting that all that was actually here were just a virtual reality of words on one's screen, adding "...and besides, you trolls are just the victims of your own trolling, yes you have that staying power of your nature, that nature that compels you to return to troll all the more, and how many years has it been to date, and how many more still I wonder, ah yes normal folks could well be envious of your addiction if they didn't know the truth of it now, so dare I say here that I share that weakness too, for back I return to post on still, ah but if I'm going to be an addict like this then I might as well use this addiction to my full advantage by plotting out my thoughts in the course of their conjectures while polishing that little I write into something a little more than just troll posts..."

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