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Originally Posted by brianpatrick View Post
Fuck. I hate that song. Load of shit IMO. To be fair, I hated the original too.
I don't hate it -- but I'm not into it.

We went to the Johnny Cash museum in Nashville. I was expecting something pretty hokey, but it was really well done.

Anyway, the last exhibit was about "Hurt." They had the video looping etc. People were transfixed -- one lady was on the verge of tears.

I'm pretty sure Johnny did what he wanted, but the song and video seem a little exploitative to me and kind of gimmicky.

He (and Rick Ruben and whoever) did manage to take a heavy-handed emo anthem and wring something out of it. He puts it in a new context that gives it a little poignancy, for whatever that's worth.

I had this discussion with someone and he thought it was worthwhile because it brought a new generation to Cash's early work. That's possible, but I kind of doubt it. I think a lot of new fans are more interested in the persona and idea of Johnny Cash than the actual music. It's just cool to say you dig Johnny Cash.
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