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...however maybe just reading, writing and using a little more common sense is all that is really needed?
Have you thought about starting off with something bite-sized instead of taking on a novel?

I was having trouble developing and finishing a story, and someone suggested I take a significant event from my life and write about it.

I did it, and it kind of took the pressure off. I already had the "plot" so to speak, characters and setting. So I could concentrate on telling the story. This happened, then this. This person said this, etc. etc.

It's hard to explain, but it was a kind of a breakthrough. I felt good because I finished something, and somehow a light bulb came on. I actually converted it into third person, changed the names to protect the innocent, and wound up with fairly credible short story.

Good story telling is good story telling. It doesn't have to happen in a post-apocalyptic world. So it may be that you can work out some of your issues on a smaller scale, without worrying about getting through a novel. Just write something, maybe get some feedback to help you identify the problems, fix them and move on.

The other thing you might look for online are writing exercises and prompts. I haven't looked into them myself, but I know they're out there.


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