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Thank you all.

Well after expecting maybe a couple of suggestions on courses, as always you've given me a whole heap more to think about.

Non-serviam, thanks for the Open University suggestion. I did see that but am not too sure I can afford that just yet. It seems so expensive yet probably the most credible option.

wrc, I was about to correct you on the meaning of my question however it seems Binx beat me to it. lol Thanks BinxB.

From the general advice, I'm thinking a course may not be the ideal way to go.

My original thinking was that a course would help me improve on the points i seem to so desperately fall short on, however maybe just reading, writing and using a little more common sense is all that is really needed?

I completely appreciate the helpfulness of forums such as these, however do struggle to know who's advice to apply to my work and who's to disregard? When your a novice like me, how do you do this?

Anyway, thanks again for all your input.

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