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Binx B
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Heh. That's all fine.

I'm not here to tell anybody how to learn to write. I think everyone's path is going to be different and that the only way to learn is by trial and error.

For example, I think "share, share, share" might be good for some people, but it might be detrimental to others. I'm not even sure that "never give up" is good advice.

And it may be that taking an online writing course is helpful, or it may be one of the "errors."

I'm mostly here to comment on individual pieces of writing. The most I can hope for is that someone might learn from that. Maybe. Otherwise, the rest is up to them. People who really want to write and stick with it are going to do it, regardless of any general advice or pep-talk that they might get from me.

And yes, I am smiling.

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