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Hi Ms. Charm.

You obviously have not searched the net for "creative writing classes." There are more available than you could take in a lifetime. You could add "free" to the search words, and there's still a lot.

I believe the Writers Digest website has a section on classes. I don't know if WD editors stand behind the list.

If it's a free class, send something and evaluate if the feedback works for you. If you have to pay first, then I think you need a recomendation.

You may feel you need a class and I don't know if that's true. That's up to you. But you can acquire writing skills the old fashioned way.

Everytime you write something, let it rest for awhile, then rewrite it. This makes it better. If you don't let it rest you won't have the objectivity needed for your mind to grow.

Use WB by sharing and getting feedback. Again, let you're mind rest for a period of time for the same reason above. Then read all the feedback, maybe take some notes, and always undertake a rewrite. Even if it's a partial flash.

Most human minds learn quickly if motivated.

My last suggestion is to write the genre you like to read. But don't stop there. Write genres where you've researched its characteristics. And if you're intimidated by a genre, definitely be bold and take it on and chase the fear away.

There are two parts to my advice: write, write, write and share, share, share. No matter how often you write, each new writing will be better than the last one.

If you follow my suggestions soon you'll produce work where other writers are dumbfounded because they can't think of anything to make it better.

And never ever give up.

Have a nice writing day.

You're not dead 'til you're dead and when you are you won't know it. So, keep on writing and having fun.
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