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Originally Posted by Grace Gabriel View Post
I have a friend who consults with a psychic for predictions. She's done this for years.

I have told her gently that the predictions aren't really accurate - she allows them to influence her decisions so she directs herself towards their fulfilment.

I drop a newspaper and milk in to an elderly neighbour in the morning - and sometimes stay for a quick cuppa. She snorts and chuckles over her horoscope - a prediction of "a good night for romance" doesn't mean much when you're 85 years old.

I have recollections of my mother having solemn reverence for 'Old Moore's Almanack' years ago. Is it still in existence?

Not really the sort of prophecy you were after Pickle - but I think it's all phooey.

If you have a sound understanding of human nature you can make pretty educated guesses about what the heck happens next.
Yeah I think when we are discussing the prophecies of yore based on aligning crystals and sacrificing goats, then yeah it's pretty weird. But when when get into the mystic realms of acturial studies, risk and big data - at a population level as per your last sentence
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