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Default Pamphleteering – Your Writers Beat Path to Controversial Subject(s)

Pamphleteering – Your Writers Beat Path to Controversial Subject(s)

As people who have been on board with Writer’s Beat since June know, there has been no venue for discussion of political or other controversial subjects. The Writer’s Beat Staff will now allow for expression of political opinions or controversial subjects – and at the same time drive people to flex their writing muscles.

Welcome to Pamphleteering.

A Pamphleteer was a writer of pamphlets or other short works that took a partisan stance on an issue. Pamphleteering was a means of propagating and distributing new ideas through inexpensive, widely distributed pamphlets.

This was typically a British or Colonial American Practice, and in early America/United States was practiced from the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries.

A pamphleteer would write a pamphlet, and then post the pamphlet in a public place where it would be noticed and read. A rebuttal to anything in the pamphlet was not written on the pamphlet, but took the form of another pamphlet. If a pamphlet became widely discussed, newspapers of the day would often print them.

The Rules for Writer’s Beat Pamphleteering
1. Follow the rules for discourse on Writer’s Beat.
2. Pamphleteering will be done in the Free Writing sub-forum.
3. In thread responses will be kept to spelling, grammar, formatting, etc.
4. No in thread debate or other responses pertaining to the subject matter will be allowed. If you want to expound or disagree, then you will need to create your own pamphlet and post it. If you debate the subject in-thread your post will be erased.
5. If you create a pamphlet to rebut another pamphlet it is incumbent on you to title your rebuttal in a manner that other readers know what it is a rebuttal to.
6. A pamphlet indicates a well written, grammatically correct piece of at least "medium" length. Pieces will be a minimum of 500 words.
7. These are to be "polished" pieces. The pamphlet is a showcase for your ability as an author and speaker: it needs to be edited and presented to the very best of your ability.
Pamphlet: Moderators are arrogant know-it-alls, and we need to be By Mohican
Rebuttal: Moderators are drawn from the ranks – why Mohican is Wrong By Ilseum.

Bad Example:
Pamphlet: Purple cars are the most expressive form of transportation By Tau
Rebuttal: Tau is a poopy head by Whiskers

If you would like to express an opinion on a subject, or introduce a controversial subject- create a pamphlet. If you wish to disagree with (or further augment) someone's premise, create your own pamphlet.

Write on!

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