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Default Room at the Inn

They were crowding the doorway.

Headsize stone block construction.
Opening not quite two man wide.

One of them angles right side forward with a spear thrust as the other broad face struggles through beside him.
Doesn't have his sword out- needs to get beyond the archway first.

I center step towards them with a backhanded Ground to Sky cut.
(Just had this Scimitar sharpened- need to steer clear of brick and steel)

Slice through the pike man's left wrist, nick the wood pole shaft and gash the right inside forearm to the bone.

Glittering red sprinkles the air as my right hand turns clockwise.

Heaven to Hell cut.

Mister Number Two splits open diagonal from collarbone to hip.
His hand is still on his hilt.
Very still.

I step aside as the spurtin' pair pass by.

A few days behind on rent and they send goons to collect.

Man, times are sure gettin' hard.

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