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Originally Posted by bluewpc View Post
Very good piece dude

And as well equipped Eloi mitigate marauding Morlocks is definitely my favorite line. I don't think that that's what would happen but its still a great line. My bet is with the flourishing of the economy, the vacant spaces in society created by external pressures, would in fact see a trend of increasing IQs over time not drop them, logic being that the smarter people would survive long enough to reproduce and be smart enough to keep their children alive...
Mmm, logic.

Here is a film clip of how things could go if conventional logic sputters to a halt after, say, a couple of dirty bomb detonations, continuing drought and starvation in the current failed states, potable water scarcity, sea level rise of a few feet, ... okay, enough of that, let's slip into 8025 and see how the Eloi are faring having eschewn arms education.
Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?

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