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Originally Posted by JoeMatt View Post
I'd like to see examples of members who have been abused and ridiculed.

Most of the time when things get contentious, it's not in the critique sections -- it's when people are talking about so-called rules or opinions about writing that have little basis. The people who make this stuff up or repeat the canards, when they are called on their B.S. -- it hurts their feelings. And there are always going to be people who call it bullying or abuse.

When it comes to actual critique, I don't see any abuse. I do some people who really have a hard time taking criticism, who are mostly seeking praise and treat the site like it's a showcase.

But every once and a while someone comes along and appoints himself an arbiter fairness and good behavior. Seems like most of the time they rarely contribute much beyond that.

I feel abused by your post. You seem way too confident to be fair in your criticisms of my work. I need you to be more 'touchy-feely' with your opinions. After all, I'm a human being and should be accorded plenty of dick-stroking before you violate the masterpieces I throw-up.
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