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repost from elsewhere, the "war does not decide who is right... only who is left" thread

"...war comes because this bubble economy calls it into being..." sighed the goblin suspecting that in the end any unsustainable debt always lead war in being, adding "...all media serves its purpose by having you caring more about how things are managed and by whom too rather than having you keep track of how much debt is piling up underpinning the system, so look at the news again and note how each topic is meant to stir those emotions, for example the belligerence on both sides, or its those topics meant to stir up your pity then, or your anger at the injustice of it all, yes all meant to hide that ruse therein, the omittence of the consequence of unassailable debt, so war comes then, albeit not the one you expect from the news, not some nice easy orchestrated war again on america's terms at america's biding, no the war that comes is when the economy crashes, "but no the economy is doing fine" you might say, that's because you're still looking at the economy alone, ah but now look at the debt that underpins the economy once more, for the rest is just what they want you to see, isn't it..."

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