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repost from elsewhere, jat's thread

Originally Posted by jats
...and wait for what exactly... and who are you and what do you want as I am very busy...
What do I want? I want morsels from someone else's plate. A different taste. A different view from the window.The smell of someplace else's rain. I want to travel without leaving my chair. Have my curiosity satisfied without asking questions. I want characters that can always be found on the same barstools . I want to be the bystander that sees it all yet shrugs when asked for a statement. I want people in my mind but not in my phonebook. I want to be kind without socail obligation. I want to be the best of me without a face or a motive. I want to listen without having to answer. I want something to read on the days when I have nothing to write. I want to write nothing as if it was something worth reading. I want to make people disappear and re-appear with the click of a mouse. I want to drink coffee and hear the shit your own mother doesn't know. You asked.
the goblin returned, loved Jats's posts for his was a persona evolved from way back into posts that one recognises today as him even without looking at his username, whereupon the goblin turned around and noted the new poster too, waved and then hoped that xxxxx would stay awhile but not so much as some mere witness here, no more as someone on a journey to self in their posts as it were, smiling " right way but your way then, just that the whole point is that there is no point really, ah yes no fame nor fortune to be had by writing in one's posts I mean, but then again if there's really no point yet still if one still continues to post on after that then whatever gets written had to be something within your nature to begin with, perhaps being that other you that is latently buried by those concerns of that thief of time, your dailylife...", and then the goblin dipped his hand into to pocket and pulled out a thermos of coffee, undoing the lid he poured some of its black sweet contents into the cup to hand around, toasting aloud " be to us now, I'll share with you all I have yet this journey to self is yours alone while it lasts...", for the goblin in his weakness would never actually term it as one's journey to death

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