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repost form elsewhere, the afterlife thread

"...ah, so you believe but you do not know though, simply to state that you believe in whatever is as to say you don't know truth of it..." smiled the goblin, continuing "...whereas if in your actions were not to seek reward, nor to fear punishment neither, then you can look your maker in the eye and say "this is me by what I have done, I was honest in my actions...", in fact the goblin knew god but didn't know what he knew really, where sure those "believe me please" explanations handed out by those very same authorities whose actions seemed their opposite in practice left the goblin cold, adding " know death, yes I dare say we all know that death who lurks in the shadows of this life, yet nobody goes around saying that they actually believe in him that death there, just they know death as something ever so real within their lives, even if they don't know what they know by it...", and with that the goblin didn't want to know about the afterlife neither suspecting too that to know would only cheapen this present in those conjectures, before repeating "...either way then it has to be "no speculation" then, for if there is a god then he forbade you and me from consulting with the dead in their afterlife, whereas if there is no god then there would be no afterlife neither, and as such these pointless speculations about something that isn't doesn't call for any explanation from me..."

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