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(the goblin liked chat bot suspecting that she had never seen a goblin in the flesh though, then explaining " it's all very simple really, in that once a penguin can talk its first word would no doubt be "fish" whereas any goblin true to form would wail for "coffee" instead, whereas if the girl at the counter says "what's the magic word" when I ask for my coffee I would guess she meant me to say "shoes" thus causing her to fly at me with the coffee-machine no doubt...")

repost from elsewhere, the "pillow talk" thread

She lay there thinking and the moon was pretty.
the goblin for his part was beat with heat, saying "...ah, yes a moon would be nice yet it would have to wait for nightfall now, till then though there's this smirking sun in its cloudless sky and all those things expected of me too...", not that those things really exerted much energy from him, no he was just there to make sure that certain humans around him understood well their situations, but he moved his mind away from such thoughts, saying instead " feels hotter than normal where usually I escape each burning day in geneva by coming to cooler chamonix, yet today it's hot even here then, and I am like some insect that seeks the shade of indoors...", the coffee cup never left his side, and everything the goblin touched seemed to touch stuck to his body, sighing "...there it is then, there in a nutshell, just l live a life I would just as quickly forget given half a chance, where writing about it only reminds me that my happiness is so uninspired as to be little more than getting to the end of my day without mishap perhaps...", a default happy as it were but a happiness all the same, where in the end king log was not to be complained about he guessed

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