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("...thanks rob56, but I bet they're all those humans again, so I'd never get into troll school if I used an essay writing app like that..." mentioned the goblin liking the company though then adding "...get it wrong to get it right, truth is most folks know what they want only that they don't know that they no longer want it for being as expected, and thus the goal is to see if one can write that which they didn't know they'd like till they had read it from you...", and with that the goblin just posted his next)

repost from elsewhere, the troll's forum, the "I got banned" thread

at which the goblin showed up and then picked the very first thread that didn't seem to have any topic really, suspecting too that a troll getting banned for being a troll came across as about as surprising as when one finally learns that donald trump is an american, the goblin just borrowed the slot to muse awhile upon how to save a hippo from drowning, as if those trolls ever really cared about their bans, no they loved them in fact, years later and they're still at it, still getting banned for the pains, the goblin just smiled "...don't think that hippo is going to drown for all its lamentations, just it's waving not drowning perhaps..."

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