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repost from elsewhere

"...too much of a coincidence..." went the goblin explaining "...I mean there must be hundreds of swiss army knives types out there by now, and yet my daughter has just given me the very same knife that my father gave me back then when I was a child, he remarried and that chapter ended there, and no she couldn't have known about it because I rarely bore my family now with my past, ah no seems I do that anonymously on the internet instead then...", the heat of day kind of clouded the goblin's mind with discomfort, continuing " now do I keep the penknife in silence or explain my reasons for not keeping it, personally I'd prefer to forget the dead, forgive the dead even, where possible if possible, why, perhaps because if you don't forgive the dead you'll just end up living with them in the past, my choice really, pity I keep choosing though..."

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