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repost from elsewhere,

and with that the goblin wrote out aloud his defiance, or at least that was what it sounded like inside to him, where work had drained him for his pains, no not just today but all throughout the summer it seemed, saying "...sorry slot, just too much too many and too often too, ah no, nothing is ever owed here between us really, but now I'm angry at dailylife for its theft...", it felt good to write again, so selfish even, while the slot just smiled back knowing that goblin could never ever really be normal like those who didn't have some pact with a muse were, smiling "...naah, nothing ever changes does it goblin, it's just you or that dailylife there, where you have to live your life though your pen lest your life lives you through its concerns, simply you stopped to learn you can't stop, well isn't that a lesson in itself there...", but the goblin still felt deeply the anguish of his loss though

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