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So it’s officially 2nd of April here so I can confirm it was an April fool’s joke of course. Big thanks to brianpatrick for playing along; his previous comment also read that I could do with fewer commas and more periods. This is the first fiction piece I’ve written since school so I guess the short phrases are my lack of confidence at pretending, hopefully on the up and up.

By the number of visitors to my blog through my writersbeat profile I must have spooked a fair few people aha.

Since this is the writer’s café I’d be curious to use this as a jumping off point to talk about something a little more contentious.

So you could consider my stunt as a depiction of the way conspiracy theorists really see the world and how they may believe power is concentrated in racketeers and corrupt politicians controlled by shadowy elite, unassailable.

Then you can notice in yourself how susceptible you are to these arguments for a suspension of belief in reality.

On the other hand if you believe the real power lies in people organising, then you see corrupt politicians as a consequence of people voting away their rights under a climate of fear.

Then you may agree with me that authority is not the problem it’s how much choice (or lack there of in the case of coersion) was involved in the giving of power.

As with national politics, communities benefit from structure and guidelines, I’ve noticed the biggest complaint people have on this forum is other members not giving answers which are honest critiques of the spirit of the question posted in the thread.

People start to resent personalities and take sides, serious writers vs unserious ones, which does no good because it's a false dichotomy. It's a value judgment based on our personal politics for example; the old cliches surface and people line up behind the freinds they percieve as being the ultimate authorities of the industry, who got there by the sweat of their brow or they follow the spirit of the struggling artist who stays true to their craft and isn't influenced by pressues of the market.

Just some thoughts for your perusal, there’s the thread over at members feedback about chatbot not so serious posts, I wanted to find examples where people shut each other down with appeals to authority, which I think can be equally poor behaviour, So I’ll include those here below.

I'm sure you won't feel any great loss (I know I won't) but it does give you bad reputation that could come back to haunt you. Remember, there are all sorts from the writing industry on this forum some just starting, other well established.

For me (and many industry professionals I've spoken with about this topic)

If you think the opinion of most published authors and most industry professionals is bullshit, then continue on your path and stop asking for or reading professional advice… Spend five pages describing leaves blowing on the sidewalk. It doesn't matter to me whether you get published or not.

You are mistaken. I will venture to say most of us here care about such things. Serious writers generally do.

You may not care about spelling or grammar (or insulting your audience or prospective comrades in the writing trenches) but an overwhelming number of readers do. I can't think of any professionally published work, fiction or nonfiction, where the decay of language is permitted. The occasional typo slips by all of the editing rounds, but generally it's expected that the authors make a good faith attempt at clarity.

Picking fights with the well-established members of this site won't help your case either, I'm afraid.

Sneering at the industry and people who respect the boundaries of the laws governing it do you no favors as a newbie to the forum.

Word of mouth, particularlly good words, are what you want with this type of project.

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